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Self-Ink Stamp

Self inking stamps are a modern type of stamp that may be manufactured in minutes.

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Pre-Ink Stamp

Pre-ink stamps have a unique application and these stamps are extremely convenient to use.

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Heavy Duty Stamp

Heavy duty stamps have extremely smooth oscillations making them simple to use.

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Pocket & Handy Stamp

Pocket and handy stamps is the new trend, portability and aestheticism has made the pocket and handy stamps very unique.

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Self-Inking Date Stamp

Self-inking date stamps make common activities easier by including moveable bands for the month, day, and year.

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Multi-Color Stamp

Want to get some multi-color stamp for your business the we are here to provide you quality pre-inked stamped in cheap price.

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Wax Seal

We personalise wax seal stamps with your brand, design and monogram. Combine your purchase with a wax stamp, sealing wax available in a variety of colors, spoon and melting tools for simple sealing.

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Embossing Seal

Embossing seals are extensively used to authenticate documents such as certificates, limited edition prints, artwork to prevent forgeries and unauthorised reproductions.

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Manual Stamp

We provide a variety of manual stamps to assist new businesses in branding their logo on coffee cups, takeaway bags, craft boxes, food products such as cookies, bread and chocolate.

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Ink Bottles & Ink Pads

We provide ink for ink pads in 12 different colours. It comes in easy-to-refill bottles that contains 25ml.

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Why to choose us?

We can create a rubber stamp for your personal or business purpose. All you have to do is send us a copy of your government-issued legal trading license and an email to or WhatsApp us at +971528068077. We can design round, oval, or square stamps for you and submit them for your approval. We'll begin to work on the stamps as soon as you accept the design, and they'll be ready in 20 minutes

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